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My Services

Consultation Only

This is the most economical level of service and is perfect for those who want to do it themselves.  I go through your home, inside and out, and make detailed recommendations. I'll begin by going through each room, describing what should be done and highlighting what is critical vs what is just desirable. This will help you make important decisions, as well as allocate time and create a budget.  

I'll give specifics on decluttering and neutralizing, telling you what to get rid of and giving you tips and pointers along the way.  I'll specify what needs to be cleaned, repaired, or replaced. I'll also advise on furniture and artwork placement to bring out the best in every room. Your house should stand out from the competition, and I'll give you suggestions on how to accessorize using what you have or by purchasing a few key items that will pull everything together.

Full Service Staging

A full staging includes the room-to-room consultation listed above, but that's just the beginning. I customize a plan based on your specific needs and budget to complete any work that needs to be done. I can recommend trusted contractors for any cleaning, repairing or replacing you may need before your house goes on the market. Whether you complete the work yourself or hire someone to do it, I will always prioritize which tasks are most important so you can make good decisions. When this phase is complete, I  am ready to stage your home.

When I come to stage your home, I'll arrange each room's furnishings, hang artwork, and accessorize throughout, making your home appear as large, light and appealing as possible so it makes a lasting impression on buyers. Whether I use the artwork and accessories you have, supplement with my inventory or purchase a few important design pieces that add that perfect final touch, I will make your house look its best and stand out from the competition. 

​Vacant House Staging

Vacant properties are especially difficult for potential buyers to evaluate. When a home is lacking furniture, there is no point of reference for the buyer to gauge size or usage of the space, especially when viewing photos online.  Whether online or in person, they will often underestimate room size and can become confused about usage of a room without clues from its contents.  Vacant homes can also look cold and uninviting which is off-putting to the buyer. Even a brand new home with high-end finishes can be hard for buyers to emotionally connect to when it is completely empty.

Whether you are a homeowner or a builder, staging a vacant home has unique challenges, and we have several ways to solve them.  The first option is to rent key pieces of furniture that will define the space and create an emotional connection with the buyer. I'll make rental furniture selections for the rooms that need definition. Then I'll add accessories to perfectly compliment the furniture and complete the look.

The second option is to purchase furniture rather than rent. Depending on the situation, I can select either new or used furniture.  Builders often opt to purchase new furniture, which then becomes a capital investment that can be moved from one property to another to create the model. Some homeowners prefer to purchase new furniture that they will eventually put in their new home while others would rather go the most cost effective route, which is most often used furniture that I  am able to find from our various sources.  

The third option is to stage using furniture that the homeowner has access to, whether their own or loaned to them. I'll let you know what pieces are necessary for staging and help you decide what to put in the house.  Then I'll accessorize, adding warmth and style to captivate buyers. Whichever option you choose, staging your vacant property will take it from cold and confusing to delightful and desirable.

End to End Project Management

This staging option is for those who would prefer to have me handle everything involved in staging their home, from start to finish.  If you simply don't have the time or inclination to be involved in the details, I will oversee everything for you.  I'll meet with you to develop a plan and then I'll do all the work.

From selecting and managing contractors to adding the last final touches, I'll make sure your home stands out from all the rest. You can count on me to ensure that all work done on your property is finished to meet the highest expectations and that you will be thrilled with the results.

Redesign and Restyle

My redesign and restyle service is for any homeowner who wants a new look.  Whether you're in your new home or just want your old home to feel like new, I can transform your space with minimal expense. I'll meet with you to get a sense of your goals and then come up with great solutions.  

In your new home, I'll help with furniture placement, room design, and accessorizing by using what you have or purchasing new.  If you need direction with paint color, materials, hardware, lighting, or any other updates, I can guide you in the selection process.

Even if you aren't moving but just want a new look, let me give your home a makeover. Together we will come up with a plan to update your space, incorporating your favorite pieces in a way that is fresh and new.  We'll rearrange furniture, artwork, and decorative accents in your home, reinventing each room. I can also suggest ideas for adding new pieces.