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"Our home of 21 years was on the market for a year with no offers. I was given the name of HouseReady and we hired them to stage our home. They went through our house room by room and gave us "homework". They returned a week later to rearrange furniture, hang artwork, add accent pieces, pillows and throws to tie everything together in each room. When they finished, our home looked completely different. Yes, it was still our home, but with their touches it looked like a new, updated version of our home. Within a few weeks after their staging, we received two offers on our home! I highly recommend HouseReady Staging to come into a home and 'do their thing'!"

Maryellen Anderson

Wildwood, IL

What I do

I analyze your property, inside and out, from a potential buyer's perspective. Then I make specific recommendations, including decluttering, repairing, neutralizing, decorating, and accessorizing. Finally, I provide several options to complete your staging project so you can sell your house for the best price in the least amount of time.

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What clients say about HouseReady Staging

 "HouseReady Staging exceeded our expectation. When we decided to hire a house stager we assumed their role would be to install furniture in an empty house. That turned out to be a small part of the service they provide for an altogether reasonable price. When all was said and done, they had stripped the home of dated architectural detail, had rooms repainted in a way that made the home appear brand new, and encouraged us to replace or alter components that may have been acceptable to us -- but not to the largest number of potential home buyers. It sold in 3 weeks!"

Paul J.

Lincolnshire, IL

“Our house had been on the market for 18 months with no offers and was languishing. We hired HouseReady Staging to stage our house. We received and accepted an offer within two weeks! They were a delight to work with and completely changed the look of our house so that it would appeal to the most buyers. We gave them a budget and they stuck to it. They were able to transform our house without any major purchases. We highly recommend HouseReady Staging to anyone contemplating selling their house!"

Sandy and Harry Cunneff

Lake Forest, IL

Before you put your house on the market, call or email me to schedule a free, no obligation estimate. I will provide various options so that you can select a plan that suits your needs and budget.

Whether you are a homeowner, a realtor or a builder, HouseReady can help you   get the listing sold.

Colleen Waterhouse has been helping homeowners in the Chicago area since 2005. She has staged hundreds of properties in Chicago and the Northern Suburbs from 1 bedroom condominiums to multimillion dollar estates. With our proven track record, let us create a staging plan that is just right for you.